Great Beer Deserves Great Food.® A Recipe for Culinary Pleasure.

Great Beer is not created to stand alone. A fine Belgian-style (or other) beer is created to pair with the growing and bountiful styles of Great Food. It pairs at any meal, from breakfast through lunch and dinner, to a midnight snack. Great Beer is capable and confident to stand beside great American, Asian, European, and every other cuisine.

Great Beer shares its raison d’être with Great Food. Both are built around superb tastes, interesting aromas, and inherent complexities that intrigue the palate and the mind. They elevate drinking and eating well above the mundane acts of simply filling a tummy or refreshing a thirst.

Great Beer and Great Food are natural partners and lead to endless delicious pairings. Great Beer can introduce Great Food, complement or contrast with it, and even close out a meal. On the other side of the equation, Great Food responds expansively to the numerous styles and nuances of Great Beer.

Consider too that most meals are shared. We believe beer and food are great collaborators and that they work best together, like good friends enjoying a dinner. That’s one reason Belgian beers often come in 750ml bottles − they’re perfect for two to enjoy. We say: Gather up your appetites, your tastes, your friends, and enjoy.

The Great Beer Deserves Great Food blog explores all things related to Great Beer and Great Food. It presents upcoming premier food and drink events. Recaps premier food and drink events we’ve attended. Showcases chefs and restaurants that are doing exciting pairings. It shares inspired pairings and recipes − ours, yours, the chefs. And it will do more as the menu expands.
The Great Beer Deserves Great Food blog also links you to others exploring and exalting beer and food. Finally, it is an arena for conversations which we invite you to join.

There is no doubt that Great Beer deserves a place at the table with Great Food. We dedicate the Great Beer Deserves Great Food blog to spreading the word. We welcome everyone to join in.

2 Responses to About

  1. Elaine Grandy says:

    Do you suggest accomodations in the area? Would like to stay over after the big meal and the delighful brews.

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