Duvel Steamed Cockles at Brickyard Gastropub NYC

Brickyard Gastropub
785 9th Ave between 52nd&53rd
New York, New York

The Brickyard Gastropub in Hell’s Kitchen will be running a special Duvel-inspired menu item from October 10th through October 13th. Duvel-Single steamed cockles with Pancetta, shaved fennel and grape tomatoes paired with Duvel Single creates a perfectly paired Belgian-inspired entrée.

Chef Mally Bunchorntavakul, Executive Chef of Brickyard says “The crispness of Duvel is perfect to pair with light, non-meaty shellfish like cockles and the pancetta is added for a more hearty flavor to showcase Fall.”  Duvel Single is a draft version of Duvel Golden Ale, the beer is only fermented once, as opposed twice and subsequently bottle conditioned.

Duvel-Single steamed Cockles

Duvel Single is lighter in body and color, as well as alcohol content (6.8 vs 8.5) than Duvel Golden but matches in flavor and refreshment. Cockles, a salt water mollusk  native to European water are a traditional delicacy that pairs perfectly with the crisp Duvel Single.

Drew Horne, beverage director of Brickyard “I just love anything seafood with Belgian beers. A lot of the culinary heritage of Belgium is based upon seafood, so I’m happy anytime the two are mixed.”

Inside Brickyard

Brickyard is quickly becoming recognized as one of the premier up-and-coming beer bars in New York City. With 24 beer lines that regularly rotate, a large selection of bottles and fine cuisine, this gastropub understands beer’s rightful place at the table. Brickyard runs a beer pairing special each week, from Wednesday to Saturday.

Chef Mally comments “The place is a well established gastropub in the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen. In the future, we will be doing more and more of our menu paired and cooked with craft beers.”

Drew, “To me, there is nothing better than simple pub food made with the utmost care and attention to ingredients and details while being combined with a lovely craft beer. What we are trying to do is continue the push of the craft beer scene in NYC with awesome dishes and beers that the customers can’t get out of their heads. There’s a lot of awesome things to come.”

Brickyard’s convenient location to the Theater District makes it a an excellent alternative to touristy restaurants catering to the Times Square crowd. It is also an excellent place to catch a game or hang out before a show. They also keep an updated blog with special events and new beers, or you could check out their Facebook page.

Its only natural that some of New York’s fine upstate breweries have sent their products down to the city. Craft brewing as an industry has exploded and New York is leading the charge. Brewery Ommegang of Cooperstown produces fine Belgian Style Ales that are distributed to over 40 states and each pairs exceptionally well with food.

Drew, “New York State has some of the best breweries in the country. There’s always something delicious coming out of one of the breweries that I can’t wait to try. I’m stoked to see some new guys making their way onto the scene like Bronx Brewery and Spider Bite and then there are always the heavy hitters like Ommegang, Southern Tier, Brooklyn, Sixpoint, and so many more.”

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