Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Meridian Pint

Valentine’s Day Prix-Fixe at Meridian Pint
Tuesday, February 14, 2012 5pm-10pm
3400 11th Street Washington DC, 20010
Reservations e-mail: LastCall@meridianpint.com

Getting bored with flowers, over-sized stuffed bears and boxes of heart-shaped chocolates? Don’t let yourself fall victim to the humdrum of a typical Valentine’s Day. Come to Meridian Pint where they’ll be serving three courses, all served with Ommegang Beers, now that’s something to fall in love with. Instead of going to your usual date spot to get your usual meal with your usual wine, try something different: 9 delectable pairings of spirited beer and savory food.

The night will begin with an out-of-this world appetizer of Roasted Tomato Soup with Mussels and a delightfully refreshing BPA, followed by a Blood Orange, Roasted Beef, and Fennel Salad with Goat Cheese and Almonds, with Ommegang Witte. Next, let your taste buds explode with the brilliant flavors of Ommegang Gnomegang, Grilled White and Green Asparagus, a House-Cured Duck Prosciutto and Quince Puree. And that folks, is only the first course.

The second course will begin with an tantalizing Poached Rockfish with Baby-Artichoke Saffron Nage, served with a delightful Rare Vos. Next you’ll experience the robust taste of the Carpetbag Steak Roast Filet stuffed with Oysters, a side of Fingerling Potates, Morels, and a wonderful Abbey Ale. Once you’ve completed that explosion of taste, get ready for the aftershock. A Black Bean Terrine with Roasted Pepper and Corn Relish, Watercress and Avocado Coulis, all the while sipping on Ommegang Seduction.

A Valentine’s Day without sweets would be like a day without water, so this is when the much-anticipated 3rd Course makes it’s entrance. We begin with a Triple Meyer Lemon Chiffon Cake with Pistachios, served with a darkly delicious Ommegang Adoration. Then a Chocolate Strawberry Truffle with Ommegang Aphrodite, and cap off the feast with Mango Sticky Rice with Dried Cherry Coulis and a personal favorite of many, Ommegang Three Philosophers.

Why not turn Valentine’s Day into something more than greeting cards, melted candy and overpriced bouquets of already-dying roses? Everyone involved gets great food and an awesome atmosphere, and you get 9 different types of beer scattered perfectly throughout the evening. Make your date happy, but more importantly yourself, by celebrating an average holiday in a way above average way; all the while showing your support for the Great Beer Deserves Great Food movement.

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